The Faine House


Understanding the devastating effects trauma and generational poverty can have on a young person is paramount. Faine House is implementing a curriculum to designed to address these wounds while providing a nurturing and supportive environment for healing, maintaining and, ultimately, thriving.

The Faine House staff gives these emerging adults the tools they need to go from a barren past to an abundant future. We provide a safe and stable home-like environment along with the programs needed to prepare and transition them into meaningful, stable, and enriched lives.

The Faine House is a science-backed program that provides young adults the opportunity to thrive despite the negative influences and inadequate support in their lives. We are available to young adults who want to elevate their vision of themselves and are willing to actively participate in the program.

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We provide…

  • Housing — a safe and nurturing center for our residents and the young adults in our surrounding community
  • Assistance with education
  • Employment and transportation support
  • Mentorship from community leaders — to help break the barriers of past experiences.
  • Health and wellness awareness — combining healing & empowerment
  • Personal finance training
  • A life-long connection


In 2011, the doors of The Faine House opened to offer critical, life-changing services for 18 to 23-year-olds needing someone who believes in them to reach their goals. Being adopted, Jeff Faine, a veteran NFL player from Central Florida, and his wife Brittnie, envisioned a program offering young adults mentorship, educational and occupational opportunities, safe housing, food, transportation, and financial literacy. Dozens of Central Florida young adults have lived at The Faine House, opened their first bank account, found employment, attended technical school, or earned a college degree. Through The Faine House, young adults have the chance to discover themselves, who they can be free of chains from the past, and what a future outside of the system might hold.

In 2022, the organization reorganized as The Faine House, extending its impact to a larger community.

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