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In Central Florida, there are many young adults who have ability and a desire to succeed but are being held back by negative influences in their life. They may be aging out of foster care or simply experiencing uncontrollable circumstances in their community or at home. Community leaders, donors and volunteers struggle to make a lasting impact. Without the support, modeling and mentorship provided by a program such as The Faine House, these individuals face a lifetime of dependency – welfare, jail, addiction, homelessness, abuse.

Some Cogent Data:

  • Unemployment rate is over 50%
  • 10x more likely to be incarcerated
  • Females are 60% more likely to become young mothers

Studies show similar programs:

  • Improve school performance
  • Increase employment experiences
  • Decrease mental health problems
  • Dramatically increases the successful transition to independent adulthood

Comparing youth supported by these programs until the age of 21 vs. youth with no supports after 18:

  • 68% continued their education in traditional or vocational schools (vs. 31%)
  • 37% were college students (vs. 12%)
  • Data shows a decline in substance abuse, violent and destructive behaviors and pregnancies
  • Data reflects an increase in financial stability

At the Faine House we produce:

  • Healed, equipped, and contributing members of society
  • Empowered young adults to take on leadership
  • Reduced preventable unprepared pregnancies
  • Reduced imprisonment, homelessness and alcohol/drug abuse
  • Future generations self-sufficient and living in healthy family environment
  • Skillful / determined employees
  • Admirable parents
  • Functioning families broken of the cycle of abuse

But we can’t do it alone. We need our community to support us through volunteering, donations, event sponsorship and participation, mentorships and, simply, spreading the word! For more opportunities to help, call ###-###-####.


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