The Faine House

How We Help

In Central Florida, many young adults who have a desire to succeed are being held back by negative influences in their lives, past or ongoing trauma, or other uncontrollable circumstances. Without individual help and guidance, most face a lifetime of dependency – unemployment, incarceration, homelessness, addiction.

The Faine House helps young adults, rise above systemic poverty, succeed in dismantling generational trauma and achieve success/stability/independence. Participants create their own life playbook that include strategies for education, employment and mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Program participants connect with mentors invested in their well-being and success and become proficient in life skills, including:

  • Proper hygiene, health and wellness
  • Budgeting, building credit, long-term planning
  • Healthy cooking & healing habits
  • Securing transportation
  • Job readiness
  • Personal responsibility
  • Safe/authentic/healthy relationships

Participant’s Creed

I will honor this opportunity by…

  • Believing in the me I can be
  • Be true/honest to myself and those around me
  • Support my fellow team members
  • Being dedicated to my healing & goals
  • Respecting my mentors, coaches and team members
  • Asking for help when I need it
  • Following the house rules
  • Did I do my best?

Our Promise

  • We will believe in you and be patient
  • We will learn about your past and your hopes for the future
  • We will learn about medical conditions, and your current situation
  • We will be understanding, knowing you may make mistakes
  • We will care about you, respect you and not be condescending
  • We will listen, be honest and direct with you, and seek to empower you
  • We will understand the effects systemic poverty, community trauma, and PTSD have on young people
  • We will understand this is your journey and we cannot control it.
  • We will understand that at times, you need help even when it is inconvenient
  • We will hold your words and circumstances confidential unless it brings harm to you or another
  • We will provide the lift, hope, assurance you so deserve

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