Applying is easy and we encourage any young adult in need of support to reach out to us!

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Applying is easy and we encourage any young adult in need of support to reach out to us!

Frequently asked questions:

Who can participate in the residential program?

18-23-year-olds of all genders, whether you are aging out of foster care, couch surfing, homeless, or living in a home without reliable adults/adequate support.

How long is the program?

In the Residential Program, for young adults 18-23 years old, we encourage all residents to stay at least one year.

Do I have to live at The Faine House?

For the Residential Program, yes. We also offer limited services to non-residents on a first-come, first-serve basis. Our facility is located in the Pine Hills community of Orlando, Florida.

What is the house like?

If accepted into The Faine House Residential Program, you will have your own room equipped with a private bathroom, twin bed, dresser, desk, nightstand, bookshelf, and closet space. Our facility was recently renovated with a beautiful shared kitchen and a large dining room table for preparing and enjoying meals. You will have access to a shared laundry room, gazebo, basketball court, outdoor picnic tables, screened-in porch, large screen television, and WiFi.

For group work, educational opportunities, and time spent completing the steps in The Faine House Program, our facility is equipped with a learning room.

Our facility is monitored by a network of cameras, an alarm system, and a keyless fob entry system.

Can I have visitors?

Yes, but for the safety and care of your fellow young adults, we have certain times and locations visitors can be at the house.

What do I have to do while I’m there?

Every participant is expected to participate in The Faine House program which teaches financial literacy, automobile and household care, organization, job readiness, life skills, nutrition, cooking, resume building, relationship tips, and more.

Each young adult is promised a mentor, a committed staff member, and necessary services to help you achieve your goals.

What goals and dreams do you have that we can help you reach? Are there goals or dreams you have, but don’t think you can achieve them? We are here to help. You can do it!

How do I get places?

The Faine House offers transportation support to get you to where you need to go, such as doctor appointments, job interviews, work, school, and running necessary errands. Conveniently, a grocery store is just across the street.

I don’t have a job. Can I still participate?

Yes. If accepted into The Faine House Residential Program, we promise a safe and stable roof over your head while you get on your feet and on the path to becoming fully independent. We commit to supporting you in your efforts to earn a degree (GED, College, Certification, or Trade School) and work toward a career in a field you enjoy.

I didn’t finish high school – can I still participate?

Yes. If accepted into The Faine House Residential Program, we want you becoming all you can be! Each young adult is required to earn his or her GED at minimum, but if you want to go further and learn a trade, earn a certificate, or attend college, that will increase your chances of long-term success, health, and happiness! Some of our young adults were the first in their family to finish high school or earn a degree. You can too!

Do I have to pay rent?

During your first three months of the program, we meet you where you are. After finding a job and settling in, we ask each young adult to cover their Program Service Fees each month.

Here is the fun part: 50% of these fees will be returned to you when you graduate for a down payment on an apartment and/or automobile. We don’t want to leave you hanging – we want you to leave The Faine House and have enough money to step right into success and stability!