Krewe 52

Krewes are a famous long-standing tradition in New Orleans – groups that lead the way in Mardi Gras gatherings for fun and community-building. This is your chance to belong to a Krewe that’s not only fun and festive, but one that matters! Krewe 52 members come together to harness the power of compassion to create positive change now, to create the legacy of a lifetime for the future, and to celebrate many successes along the way.

KREWE 52 members make a commitment of $2,500 per year for 10 years, helping to secure a safe haven and learning environment for residents, ensuring their – and our – future. Krewe 52 membership includes individuals, families and businesses dedicated to giving back, both financially and through the benefit of their experience or expertise, and want to have fun doing so.

To learn more or to join our Krewe, contact [email protected].