Volunteers are the true backbone of The Faine House organization, spreading the word of our mission, fundraising and providing support for events and our residents is essential to continuing our mission to change the trajectory of young adults on the verge of homelessness. Want to get involved, join us for our annual fundraiser planning, life skills events, an outing or simply cooking dinner with the residents. We welcome you and appreciate your time.

I believe in The Faine House because they provide a lot of things that we as youth are in need of. They provide direction, care and structure all in one. – J.Z.

Mentorship Want to pass on what you have learned? Mentorship is the necessary difference between statistics and success for this vulnerable and often forgotten group of young adults. When we dig a little deeper and think on a more personal level, we often think of others who played this role in our own lives. Mentors choose this role and make the conscious decision to stick around regardless of someone’s past or current struggles.

The individuals who choose to be in a young adult’s life make as big of an impact as those who chose to leave them, and become essential in encouraging their healing and growth. Be the change you wish to see by joining The Faine House mentorship program.